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Nurture through Environment

Humankind is called to co-create, so that we might cultivate the earthly, and thereby create the heavenly

One of the vows encouraged to us by St Benedict is  “stabilitas” –  one should be grounded in a community and place and establish a relationship of care and connection to that place to transform the individual, the community and the wider culture.

At St Nicholas Seminary, we seek to follow St Benedict’s way by providing all the facilities necessary to instil deep character in our seminarians.

Classroom Space

The Seminary has two classrooms in the old block and three additional rooms int eh new Academic block. In addition, there are a number of seminar rooms and a hall for large group lectures or seminars.

Office Space

There are office spaces for all resident faculty members and a common room for non-resident faculty members. Each office is equipped with a computer with internet connectivity and necessary furniture. The common room for non-resident faculty members is fitted with a television set. In addition, there are office spaces for the general office and the accounts department. All the offices have access to designated washrooms within the Academic Block.

Internet Connectivity & Printing

The Seminary has telephone, fax and internet connectivity on a 24-hour basis. The leadership team of the Seminary is easily reached by any means appropriate to the context. The Seminary also has two photocopy machines to support its work. One of the photocopy is used to help students at a subsidized rate.

Computer Laboratory

The Seminary has a computer laboratory fitted with seventeen computers all with wireless internet connectivity. This laboratory serves both as a teaching facility as well as a facility to aid in students’ research activities. All computers are guaranteed and there is maintenance schedule to ensure that they perform optimally. In addition, various software programmes have been acquired to support various services especially the library and in the teaching of certain courses. There is a secured looped wifi system on the compound that would allows other members of the community access the internet from the comfort of their homes.


The Seminary has one of the largest collections of theological books and journals in its library. The library is housed in the ground, second and third floors of the new academic block. Books in the library are obtained through either direct purchase or through donations from various benefactors of the Seminary and cover all the disciplines taught in the school.

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